Games I like >:))

Half Life

I first played Half Life during the middle or end of 2021, For some reason, I wanted to get into the game despite me being about 20 years late.

It definettly wasn't a mistake however, since I had a bad PC (still do) Half-Life ran perfectly. It's one of my most faveorite games for it's lore, storytelling and fun gameplay. It's fun to beat headcrabs with a crowbar and blast vortigunt slaves with a shotgun. I'll recommend the game to anyone who can't afford a good PC and like FPS (First person shooters).


I heard DOOM64 was a really good DOOM sequel since Doom3 was trash, the fans consider this "The real DOOM3"

My friend bought me this game off steam and I'm really grateful for him doing that because the game looks STUNNING. It runs perfectly, very fast for my low spec PC. The level desgins and lighting are very well done, making the game actually immerse you into it very well. It's hard to explain but basically you'll really get into it with how pretty and fun it can be. You don't have to be a DOOM player beforehand to play this great game so I recommend this game if you're a new fan to the DOOM farachisne that still wants to experience the old style before eternal.

Totally Odd

Breaking away from the retro PC game trend I present to you... Totally Odd, an old newgrounds flash game that I thought was just a nightmare from my childhood.

This actually really scared me as a kid and I legitmately thought it was just a fever dream or nightmare I had. It's like one of those things you see as a kid and have to revisit when you're much older. Besides that, I actually really like this game because despite it being a 00s flashgame on Newgrounds it has this unique style of claymation and stop motion. The puzzles are fun but can get really hard. The story telling is good; and is has a good conpect of atmoshpere and really knows how to make the player feel at certain times. Now this is the part where I would say I recommend.. but It's mostly impossible now to play it with flash being dead and the emulators not really working with this classic. :(